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What did the UEC mention at its media press conference on 06 Feb? (Excerpts from the press conference)

07 February, 2020

The Union Election Commission is holding media press conferences (twice a month) at the Election Commission office in Naypyidaw. The first one in Feb was held on 6 February at the UEC office building.
We will keep posting excerpts from the upcoming press conferences on the STEP Democracy website, so stay tuned. The next media press conference will be held on 20 February.


Party registration status

"99 political parties are registered; three parties have been suspended. A total of 5 parties is waiting for the registration. It will be around 100 eligible parties for the 2020 elections if all the five waiting parties are registered," siad Union Election Commission (UEC) spokesperson U Myint Naing.


Statement on the Pyithu Hluttaw Constituency.

There are 330 constituencies nationwide.

"Seikkan Township will be eliminated and Hlaing Tharyar will be divided into two constituencies," siad Union Election Commission (UEC) spokesperson U Myint Naing.


The status of UEC’s Facebook page.

“Facebook page of the UEC will be activated very soon. Maybe more precise. Introductory from Chairman of UEC to voters, political parties by creating a short video clip. Besides, voter education messages will be shared on the UEC’s FB page,” siad Union Election Commission (UEC) spokesperson U Myint Naing.


Hate speech and fake news.

“The UEC starts doing the monitoring of hate speech, misleading information, releasing incorrect news. UEC will work together with the Myanmar Press Council (MPC). MPC and the UEC have an agreement to cooperate for the prevention and monitoring of those.

The UEC has already done the negotiation for those issues with responsible persons from Facebook. What does hate speech mean? Then, FB will remove postings containing hate speech in the future. FB will start this process very soon,” siad Union Election Commission (UEC) spokesperson U Myint Naing.


Political party member issue.  

“A party member can only be a member of one political party. A member, who wants to change his party, has to submit a resignation letter from the previous PP, to become a member of a new party,” siad Union Election Commission (UEC) spokesperson U Myint Naing.


Eligible voters.

Over 37 million eligible voters.


CSOs and the UEC.

“CSOs can meet the UEC anytime. CSOs have to submit the workflow, concept note, that CSOs are going to engage with voters. In this case, CSOs will not do the wrong way in matters that are related to the electoral process. The UEC will support CSOs in everything related to the law and Bylaw,” siad Union Election Commission (UEC) spokesperson U Myint Naing.