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01 October, 2019

STEP Democracy Newsletter - September 2019

STEP Democracy newsletter - September 2019 is available to download and read. Follow the link below.  http://www.stepdemocracy.eu/index.php/newsletters/details/3


25 September, 2019

Policy based and responsive parties

Political parties form a cornerstone of democratic society. They aggregate the interests of the public, articulate them in the form of policy options and provide structures for political participation. In an emerging democracy like Myanmar, however, policy positions are often not recognized by the public and political parties often lack the capacity to collect citizens’ interests and voice them in political debates and policy decisions.


20 September, 2019

STEP Democracy hosts International Day of Democracy celebration in Yangon

‘International IDEA and European Union celebrate International Day of Democracy yearly in Myanmar. We are here to celebrate the work that is being done in Myanmar towards the democratic transition. In the panel discussion of the event, Dr. Laddawan Tantivitayapitak from Open Forum on Democracy Foundation (P-NET) from Thailand, Ms. Khoirunnisa Nur Agustyati from Perludem – Association for Elections and Democracy from Indonesia, and U Thura Zaw from Paññā Institute from Myanmar shared their programs and experiences relating to civic and voter education which they are pushing boundaries in order to inspire civil society in Myanmar for their actions.


14 September, 2019

Campaign Management Trainings for Women Politicians

Gender equality and women`s empowerment are not only basic human rights but also crucial for achieving inclusive, sustainable and equitable development. Women`s participation is central to these goals, and political parties are arguably one of the most important institutions for fostering such participation.


09 September, 2019

New Strength for the STEP Democracy Programme

STEP Democracy is delighted to introduce our new partner organization Badeidha Moe Civil Society Organization (BDM).


09 September, 2019

STEP Democracy အစီအစဉ်အတွက် ခွန်အားသစ်

STEP Democracy အစီအစဉ်၏ မိတ်ဖက်အရပ်ဖက်အဖွဲ့အစည်းအသစ်ဖြစ်သော ပဒေသာမိုး (Badeidha Moe Civil Society Organization (BDM) အဖွဲ့အစည်းအား ဝမ်းမြှောက်စွာဖြင့် မိတ်ဆက်ပေးလိုက်ပါသည်။


01 September, 2019

Should Myanmar’s Sipin Committees be freely elected by univeral suffrage?

State and Region Parliaments have powers to enact legislation on municipal matters under section 188 of Myanmar’s 2008 constitution. In Myanmar, where Township Municipal Affairs Committees (TMAC) (also referred to  as Sipin Committees) act as the third layer of  government, this is a great opportunity to use this legislative power effectively in order to have more representative and accountable peoples’ representatives at the local level.


21 August, 2019

STEP Democracy starts delivering civic education to schools in Myanmar

Through its consortium of nine national and international partners, STEP Democracy strives to increase the knowledge and skills of Myanmar people so they can more effectively participate in their democratic processes. This ranges from the Union Election Commission to political parties and civil society.


31 July, 2019

Yangon municipal post election review report will be submitted to Yangon government and YCDEC in August

Following the Yangon municipal post-election review, held on 11-12 July in Yangon, International IDEA Myanmar is developing a review report on the 2019 Yangon municipal election. The report will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of 2019 YCDC Election and recommendations for the future YCDC Election from the conference and will be submitted to Yangon City Development Election Commission, Yangon Region Parliament and Yangon Government in early August.


01 July, 2019

STEP Democracy to conduct civic education in schools

In order to ensure that young people are given the knowledge needed to participate in their democratic surroundings from an early age, International IDEA and its two national partners, Scholar Institute and Paññā Institute, are working on the development and implementation of a civic education curriculum geared towards students from ages 13-16 through the EU funded STEP Democracy programme.


18 June, 2019

International IDEA Myanmar Supports Universal Suffrage in Yangon City Municipal Elections

Myanmar held credible national elections in 2015 and has followed up with well-run by-elections in 2017 and 2018. But despite these achievements at the national and state/region level, Myanmar has never held a municipal election with universal suffrage. Until 31 March that is. While the 2014 Yangon municipal election allowed only one vote per household, this year’s Yangon City Development Council (YCDC) elections allowed anyone over the age of 18 and who had resided at least one year in Yangon to vote.