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What have civic society organizations learned from online advocacy training?

10 July, 2020

Following up on online advocacy training for civic society organizations, implemented by Democracy Reporting International – DRI under the EU-funded STEP Democracy programme, we had a chance to interview  participants  to understand how they  acquired  new knowledge from the training and how they will use their knowledge in their academic and professional work.

A focus of the webinar was data-driven campaigns, techniques for CSOs to target their audience more effectively as well as hands-on tips to meet advocacy campaign goals. CSOs discussed their challenges on digital advocacy and brainstormed how they can apply user-friendly digital tools for online advocacy on elections.


Zay Yar Min – Myanmar Independent Living Initiative (MILI)

"From this webinar, the main things I learned related to digital advocacy strategies on how to target the audience and achieve the goal of a campaign. I discovered the example of popular online campaigns through creative videos from other countries. Yes, I could say that I gained more knowledge. As my organization has a plan to provide training for voter education, I will apply the knowledge from this webinar to conduct electoral advocacy with digital tools."


Chit Hsu Thway – Myanmar Independent Living Initiative (MILI)

"Before the training, I was not aware of the importance of online advocacy. After this training, I learned the effective role of digital advocacy: especially for the pandemic period. In addition, I was able to learn how to conduct an effective digital campaign, for example, by creating posters, animations and using the Facebook page as my main social media platform instead of using an account. I will apply the knowledge in my organisations campaigns to support people with disabilities."


Khu Mi Reh- Foundation for Education and Development (FED)

After joining this training, I learned that online advocacy has advantages such as reaching more targeted audiences, is not expensive like offline advocacy and we can also monitor and evaluate campaign results. I also learned about digital tools and received online advocacy tips in the presentation of campaign examples from other countries. I also would like to learn more about how we could tackle possible digital security issues.